The dragons of Callista

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An oasis of water and greenery in the heart of a desert so arid that few men dare venture there, Callista is the most beautiful and prosperous city in the kingdom of Orne. Until it fell prey to five dragons who appeared in the desert sky to kidnap five of the city’s inhabitants. Every full moon since that tragic night, Callista has had to pay bloody tribute to the dragons. Sire Kristan, king of the city, powerless to repel these creatures of immeasurable magical power, has resolved to organise Sacrifices: every full moon, five condemned prisoners from the city are sent to the top of the Astrology Tower, offered to the dragons to protect the city’s innocent citizens.

But the dragons have been rampaging for five years now, and Callista is running out of criminals to sacrifice.

Logan Kard


As a seventeen-year-old adventurer, Logan spent his childhood roaming the length and breadth of the desert and knows all its secrets. Arrogant, insolent and stubborn, his strong character often gets him into trouble. But Logan could also become Callista’s greatest asset, as he also holds the formula for a potion that should defeat the dragons’ magical armour. But can he be really trusted ? His mysterious past, his secrets and his lies are a source of concern. Why does he seem to know so much more than he’s prepared to admit? What is his real objective? And why is this stranger to the city so obsessed with the dragons?

Salius Corten

Son of the Royal Astrologer of Callista and himself an apprentice Astrologer, Salius is a refined and educated young man who assists his father in his quest to counter the magical power of dragons. Unfortunately, since birth he has suffered from a skin condition that makes him extremely intolerant of the sun, forcing him to remain sheltered in the shadows of his house all day long, only being able to leave them at dusk. This cloistered lifestyle keeps him isolated from the rest of the city, and Salius has never really had any friends.

Until he met Logan Kard.


A former conqueror in the service of the crown of Orne, whose territory he helped to expand, Akhim is now a master of arms, the king’s military adviser and tutor to Crown Prince Galliem, whom he hopes one day to make into a warrior worthy of him. Cold and uncompromising, he swears by strength, courage and daring. But despite his talents as a warrior, he remains powerless against the dragons’ onslaught.


Originally from the north of France, Anne-Sophie Kindraich has always had a passion for books, particularly fantasy and fantastic literature. She began writing while studying to become an agricultural engineer, but it was after moving to the south of France to teach microbiology and start a family that she penned her first novel, Les Portes d’Athion, in 2014. Her second novel, The dragons of Callista, marks the start of an exciting trilogy.